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New features launched in February

AUTHOR: Poised team

Feedback on new dimensions like interrupting others & energy. Improved auto-record & deleting past transcripts.

New dimensions of feedback

You can now get feedback on many more dimensions with each meeting and track those over time to more comprehensively understand your speech performance. The new dimensions include

1. Energy - See your overall energy level in a meeting along with how loud and monotone you sound that are important drivers of energy. The in-meeting modal also prompts you during meeting in case you're speaking too monotone or with a very low volume.

2. Sensitive Phrases - Identify any sensitive or non-inclusive phrases you may be speaking frequently.

3. Interrupting others - See how many times you interrupt others in a meeting. Reduce these over time to be more inclusive of others.

4. Questions asked - Keep track of how many questions you ask in each meeting to make sure you're understanding others and being curious.

5. Enunciation - See how clearly you're speaking in each meeting.

Improved auto-record

Toggle upcoming meetings: You can now manually set the upcoming meetings that Poise should not automatically record in case you're worried about having it on for some sensitive meetings. Go to upcoming meetings on the meetings page to use this.

Support for multiple calendars: You can now connect multiple Google calendars in Settings page so you can make sure Poise can record any meetings on both calendars.

Delete transcripts and meetings

Delete transcripts for a given meeting in case you feel it's sensitive and you don't want to keep it on cloud. The analyzed feedback from the transcript which does not contain any sensitive information will still be available. You can delete a transcript from the top-right corner of the transcript.

Delete meeting deletes all information about the meeting from Poise. You can use this in case you don't want any metrics from a meeting to be included in your aggregate performance. You can delete a meeting from the list of past meetings on meetings page.

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