Poised team

Improved Poised Free experience

AUTHOR: Poised team

We’re excited to announce that the Poised Free experience is now more rewarding and easier to use!

How has the Poised Free experience changed?

Be more intentional about the way you record your 2 meetings per week. Poised keeps auto-record on but now automatically toggles off all meetings from the calendar except the last 2 formal meetings of the week. Poised will send reminders at the start of each week informing of the 2 meetings Poised is planning to record. Feel free to modify the recording schedule to whatever best suits you.

Additionally, you're now reminded at the start of your first formal meeting of the day that you can choose to record that meeting if you'd like to. You aren't locked into which 2 meetings are recorded in any given week, the power of Poised is at their fingertips-–for free!

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