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Feedback on your confidence levels & much more in a redesigned app

AUTHOR: Poised team

New Poise dashboard experience summarizes feedback on more meaningful aspects of speech like confidence, empathy etc. Also included improved navigation and data exploration.

Poise dashboard experience has been completely redesigned with a fresh visual design and now includes below exciting new features.

Feedback on confidence, empathy, and clarity

You can now get summarized feedback on more meaningful speech aspects including confidence, clarity, energy, and empathy. You can also see the underlying drivers under them, such as how using filler words will minimize your confidence, to better understand how to improve.

Timeline view inside a meeting

When trying to dig deeper into a meeting to understand where you performed certain behaviors, you can see a timeline for how each dimension varies over the period of the meeting. You can also click into points on the timeline to directly go to that point in the meeting transcript.

For example, see if your filler word usage was higher in certain parts of the meeting. Click on those taller bars in the chart to directly scroll to the sentences you spoke when your filler word usage was high. This can help you derive patterns in when your filler word usage goes up to be more careful in the future.


Context on speech feedback

You can now more easily get context on each aspect of feedback by hovering over the question marks besides them. This gives you context on what that aspect is, how it's measured and benchmarked in Poise. The benchmarks are based on best practices recommended by top speech coaches and the data captured across the Poise user base.

Improved navigation and data exploration

The app navigation has been updated to be more intuitive. Specifically, you can now more easily switch between different feedback aspects on statistics page and choose the dates over which you want to view feedback.

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