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Daily coaching emails

AUTHOR: Poised team

You asked, and we listened. Many of our users wanted to more easily get a summary of their performance each day and understand exactly what steps to take to improve. 

We’re excited to announce our new daily coaching emails, which are designed to give you focused, personalized tips that you can immediately action on.

Why a daily coaching email?

It can be hard to find the time to retrospect right after a meeting has ended — and when you have a busy day of meetings, it’s easy to lose track of how things went.

The daily coaching email provides you with a readout of highlights and challenges from your meetings each day, with specific examples from the most important meetings. You’ll see the moments where you could have made a few adjustments to take your speech to the next level, and we’ll give you straightforward tips on what to do differently.

You’ll also get feedback on the moments where your speech was on point, so you know where you’re excelling and what to do more of in future meetings.

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