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Weekly insights email & provide accuracy feedback

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Weekly Insights Email

Poised now sends you a weekly email with top insights on your speech based on last week's meetings.

The email highlights your top strength area and improvement area in last week's meetings. To dig deeper, you can see specific meetings from last week where you could have improved the most and a comparison of your performance across different meeting types to diagnose if certain types of meetings are causing the issue.

The email also highlights the progress you made in your learning journey in the past week - the goals and achievements you completed and the in-progress goals.

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Provide accuracy feedback

Feel like Poised has identified some filler words in your meeting that you don't think should be flagged? You can now report them in the transcript so Poised can use your inputs to improve its scoring in future meetings. You can also provide similar inputs for hedging words or sensitive phrases that you think were incorrectly identified.

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Poised also prompts you to retrospect about how you felt during a meeting on confidence, energy, clarity, or empathy so you can see how your evaluation compares to Poised's scores. Poised uses your input to continue improving its scoring mechanisms. This prompt can be found in the Poised in-meeting feedback prompt at the end of the meeting or on the meetings page.

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Goal tracking

You can now easily track progress towards your chosen goal before and after each meeting in the Poised in-meeting feedback prompt so you're always on top of it.

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