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New Coaching Tools and Insights in Poised

AUTHOR: Poised team

We're thrilled to launch more coaching tools and insights to help you improve your communication.

Enroll in Skills

Skills provide a simplified and helpful place to view your progress on what you're working on each day. Track your progress across meetings to see how you're performing over time.


How do you actually improve at filler words? Poised now offers a wide range of coaching tools to guide you through the journey.

New Coaching Tools: Practice mode

Practice often times makes perfect and we're excited to offer this new mode for Poised. Simulate the environment of a challenging meeting or an interview with our practice prompts and get real-time feedback on your performance. Get ready for the real thing!


New Coaching Tools: Discover patterns across meetings (Filler words)

Retrospect on your what types of meetings give you the most trouble. Identify patterns to become more self aware and mindful of where you can improve. Get helpful tips and video content on overcoming anxiety as a root cause for filler words.


New Coaching Tools: Discover patterns across sentences (Filler words)

What are patterns within sentences that might offer insights into filler words? Poised does the hard work of finding those patterns and bringing them to you for analysis. Learn helpful tips based on what you're seeing.


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